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Named after Jools Holland and being inspired to do so after watching a performance by the guests of the show – Shame, Jools take shape in the formation of a sextet and proudly demonstrate their stance on socialism, the importance of well-being and the need to combat social injustice. 


The band naturally exhibit a raw wave of well-layered and harmonised noise, drawing influences from artists such as The Cure, Pixies and The Streets. Inspired by The Beat Generation movement, their single ‘Hysterical Starving Naked’ is a toast to Allen Ginsberg’s work, which is the driving force behind their protect for cry against all exploitation. 


“How Can Some Experience What Pride Is Without Liberation for All” – their latest release, has been championed by BBC Radio 1’s Daniel P. Carter, who debuted it on national radio as BBC Radio 1’s ‘Rockest Record.’ The single was also named track of the week by Alex Baker, host of Kerrang! Radio’s Fresh Blood show. The band now aim to hone in on their love for art and poetry, celebrating a new dynamic within the punk scene. 







James Illsley

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